Persey Orthopedic Centre

Custom-made orthopedic shoes. Orthopedic surgeons consultations. Children orthopedic shoes store. Individual insoles. Seabed Massage Mat.

Услуги ортопедического центра Персей Persey Orthopedic principles

   Reliable service for patients of all ages who need orthopedic treatment.

   High quality of orthopedic products.

   Reasonable terms of shoes production.

   Natural high quality materials.

   High technologies in prosthetics.

   Gradual development of orthopedic prosthetic product range.

   Professional development of Persey Orthopedic employees.


Persey Orthopedic provides the following services

   Consultations by qualified orthopedic surgeons

   Computer-assisted diagnostics of foot problems

   Production of all kinds customized orthopedic shoes and devices according to individual plaster cast

   Conservative treatment of foot deformation in adults and children using orthopedic devices

   Foot correction using orthopedic facilities

   Production of customized orthopedic fashion shoes

   Splints and casts

   Limbs shortening compensation in customer’s shoes

   Orthopedic products repair

   Warranty service of the orthopedic products

   Broad range of accompanying orthopedic products


Persey Orthopedic effectively introduces new methods of material processing, installs high-end software, uses the best advanced materials of leading producers from France, Greece, USA, UK, Canada and other countries.
Production facilities are upgraded from time to time. These include high-tech machines with programmed control, computer modeling of shoe lasts, 3D foot image scanning.
Design and technical support:
Elena Romanova, Elena Filippova